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We asked Mandy to be the celebrant for our daughters adoption celebration/naming day ceremony. The first time I met Mandy I knew straight away that she was the person who I wanted as our celebrant. Her warmth and kindness immediately shone through. 
We had never had a celebration of this kind before nor been to one as a guest, so we didn’t really know what we wanted the ceremony to include, but Mandy was so full of ideas and so helpful and in involved in all of the planning and preparation.
Mandy’s organisation and communication was fantastic throughout. She always answered my emails very quickly. She knew that I was going to run through some checks at the venue and so came along too, without me having to ask, so that she could ensure that all questions were answered. She also made sure she knew how the projector and sound system worked so that everything would be smooth on the day.
One of the god/guide parents wanted to do a reading but we couldn’t find anything on line that quite hit the spot, so Mandy wrote something herself which was absolutely perfect and had many people in tears.
Mandy also extended her help to our teenage daughter, offering to proof read her speech and gave her contact details incase she wanted any support.
For the service, we chose to do a sand ceremony and Mandy organised all of this, including getting 10 different coloured sands and a gave us a lot of options for which sand vessel we wanted. It is a lovely keepsake of the day.
Mandy took the time to get to know our story, all of our family history and the significant others in our lives and named these in her speech, making everyone feel included.
Because of how efficient Mandy had been in the planning stage, we knew that the day was going to run smoothly. She had arrived at the venue and already set up well before we arrived (and we arrived ourselves very early!) When my teenager became very teary during her speech and was unable to finish, Mandy stood next to her and calmly took over even though she’d had no time to prepare.
We have had so many compliments from our guests (50 people) who said what a wonderful personalised ceremony it was and so much better than a traditional christening.
We are so grateful to Mandy and would 100% recommend her as a celebrant.

Claire & Steve Mosley

Walton, Chesterfield

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