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Hi there!

My name is Mandy Payne.

 If you're looking for an imaginative, unique, heartfelt and totally personalised ceremony then you're in the right place.

I am an Independent Family Celebrant and I create and deliver a lifetime-range of non-religious ceremonies from Naming's to Funerals and everything in between. 

Read more about me....

You'll find a wealth of information on my site so have a good dig around.

Hopefully, you'll find everything you need to know but, if not just get in touch in whatever way suits you best - I'm always happy to help!

Whatever type of ceremony you are looking for the process is always the same and detailed below.


The main thing to get right from the beginning is you, and me. Meeting 1:1 or via zoom and chatting will give us both the opportunity to decide if we're right for each other. Once that is decided I'll be asking ALOT of questions about you, how you got to this point, what it is you want from your ceremony etc.etc.

I'll even be sending you a questionnaire with even more questions. 

It's not just that I'm nosey (!!) its because everything about your day and your ceremony will be about YOU, or your loved one!

It's also the chance to tell me what you DO want to include and equally as important, what you DON'T want to include.

It's at this point that we agree a contract of work, confirm the price and when I take a deposit.

Start creating

Loaded with all of the information I will start to create a structure for the ceremony;

writing the script (100% from scratch, it won't be a [insert name] type of document.

Every word will be personalised to you.

If you decided you want a poem or readings but aren't sure what... I'll start researching options for you to choose or point you in the direction to look. 

If you have said you'd like a symbolic gesture to the ceremony I will start to source items to meet those wishes.

If vows or statements of love and support are to be included I will be there to offer advice and guidance as well as keeping my lips sealed if you are planning secret vows!

fine tuning

By this time I will have the main structure of the ceremony and the wording mapped out and will be ready to share with you the first draft. 

This process continues until you are completely and utterly satisfied with everything.

I will be getting updates from venues and liaising with other suppliers as well as any friends and family that may be included in the ceremony itself.

Before the BIG DAY, we will have a run through of the complete ceremony to ensure timings and practical issues are perfect and that everyone is confident with the proceedings.

the big day

The day of the ceremony I am totally yours; there won't be any time constraints whatsoever as I only ever conduct 1 ceremony a day. 

I will arrive at the venue at least an hour ahead to make sure everything is set up and to give a helping hand with any practical jobs, to calm nerves or to guide the guests - basically whatever I'm needed to help with!!

I will officiate your amazing ceremony from the opening welcome, to the declaration at the end with as much personality and humour as we've agreed on.

I don't disappear afterwards as I like to meet guests and offer congratulations or, at end of life ceremonies to offer condolences to family members.

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