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Sand Ceremony

A Sand ceremony involves the couple as well as any family   or friends they wish to include. Each person has a different colour of sand and individually they pour their sand into a vessel or vase creating a unique blend. This blend represents unity and togetherness and demonstrates something which together, is impossible to seperate.

Hand Fasting

Thought to have derived from an ancient Celtic ritual, Hand Fasting symbolises the binding together of two people together.

This ritual has become more popular especially in non-religious ceremonies. and is believed to be the meaning behind the commonly used term 'tying the knot'.

So, what happens during a ceremony I hear you ask..

 A couple's hands are wrapped in ribbon or twine by the Celebrant, or by someone chosen by the couple followed by symbolic words are read or music is played.

This is a beautiful addition to any Vows or Statements of love that a couple wish to exchange and further demonstrates them uniting and moving forward together as one.  

Sand Ceremony

Wine Memory Box

A wine box ceremony is a way of creating a memory box for the couple to enjoy at sometime in the future, say an Anniversary. 

Guests are asked to write a short message on a card which are gathered and sealed in the box alongside the wine. The couple then enjoy the wine whilst reading the loving messages from their loved ones. 

Not a wine drinker ...

why not have Whiskey.. Port or Tequila!!

Unity Candle

The ritual of lighting candles can be found in many ceremonies and for many different reasons including remembrance of a loved one. In respect of Weddings and Renewals, the couple each have a candle which is lit and they both then light a third 'Unity' candle at the same time signifying them coming together as one. This ritual is popular with families uniting 2 families together, as well as with families wanting to show strength and togetherness by sharing the ceremony with children and step children. 

Similarly, it is popular in Renewal ceremonies as couple want to show their eternal love for each other and the flames that still burn strong between them.

Ring Warming

Unity Candle

Ring Warming Ceremony.jpg

A ring warming ceremony is another opportunity for family and friends to be directly included in the ceremomy. The rings are passed from guest to guest with each person holding them in their hands 'warming' them with thoughts of happiness, good health and eternal happiness.

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