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Naming & Family blending Ceremonies

Naming Ceremonies

Ceremony's associated with the naming of a child are a long established tradition and can be found in cultures and religions throughout the world. It establishes the child's identity and provides the opportunity to welcome the new arrival into the family. 

If  you are new parents and looking for alternative ways to celebrate the birth of a child a naming ceremony could be the perfect solution.

It is an opportunity to declare, before family and friends, your promise to be a good parent. Adult friends or relatives may also pledge their special relationship with your child by way of 'promises'; these are often referred to as 'Guide Parents'.  

It is a unique occasion for everyone to feel involved and to offer their support in your child's future development.

As with all Celebrant-led ceremonies, a naming ceremony is completely open to whatever you want to include. 

You might want to sing or play a song that means something to your family, for siblings to be included by say reading something they have written to their brother/sister, play a recorder, sing a song....

There are no limitations with venue, time of day, numbers and with a custom, personalised script which pulls the ceremony together it is certain to be a happy, loving and heartfelt welcome in to the world.


Family blending ceremony

A family blending ceremony is akin to a naming ceremony and is a wonderful way to celebrate and welcome an adopted child or step-children into your family and the wider community.

Neither ceremony has to be an over-the-top affair it is 100% your choice on whether you have a grand party, or a small gathering with family and close friends. 

To completely personalise your naming or family blending ceremony, check out my 'special elements' page as many of these are ideal for incorporating in these family celebrations.

A breakdown of my prices can be seen here 

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