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(To each other of course!!!)


Your Wedding day is one of, if not THE most important days in your life and one that needs a lot of planning and preparation to be absolutely perfect. 

There are so many things to think about; the date, the venue, the dress, the cake and flowers to name only a few elements.

The one thing that many couples don't consider as it's not always clear to them is the choice of Ceremony.

When it comes to the Ceremony itself most people are aware of a Church wedding which offers a religious ceremony, and also a ceremony led by a Registrar whether that's in a registry office or in a pre-approved licensed venue.

The option that people aren't always aware of is that of having a Ceremony conducted by a Celebrant.

By having a Celebrant to officiate proceedings it means that your ceremony on your big day is being led by someone that has taken the time to get to know YOU!

They have met you and spoken to you umpteen times on your wedding planning journey up to that moment and you can be 100% confident that the script they have written for you is totally and utterly about you, not a somewhat thoughtless, heartless document.

Being a personalised Ceremony means that you have the reigns to work with your Celebrant to create a ceremony, and mould your day how you want. 

Not only do you have a choice of where to get married but also at what time.. you want to get married as the sun sets - that's not a problem for a celebrant wedding.

Want to get married on a beach - no problem

Want a non-religious ceremony - no problem

Want to include a symbolic ritual that makes proceedings even more meaningful - no problem 

Want to include family, friends or your dog - not a problem

I think you get the gist....

Vow Renewal

Although I have named this section Vow 'Renewal' it doesn't necessarily mean you have to have the same vows as you had in your original ceremony. Couples often choose different ones to reflect the journey they have travelled as a married couple. 

Of course you can still have the original ones, no problem and this would be lovely to demonstrate how meaningful they are today, as they were then.

You may also prefer the option of  saying 'promises' to each other, or include special 'promises' to children or even grandchildren.

A renewal ceremony is a chance to take the time to consider your lives together and to celebrate all that has happened as a married couple and to demonstrate your undying love, respect and unity as you move forward in your lives. 

Once again, as with Weddings, YOU are the storytellers in your ceremony and the celebrant is there to help you to tell it at the same time as facilitating whatever you want to include. 

There are may elements that you could include to further personalise your ceremony and to make it totally personal to you. See my Special Elements page for a detailed explanation of each and how they can be incorporated into your special day.

Lighting a Unity candle is an amazing visual demonstration of how strong the flame of your love still burns.

Whilst a Sand Ceremony is another meaningful, memorable and visual wonderment, including children or even grandchildren is a wonderful way of bringing close family into the ceremony itself. Each person has their own colour of sand and in turn pours theirs into the vase or jar.

It really is a spectacle when the layers are complete. 

Each separate layer is clear to see and depicts each person's identity in the family but, where some of the sand has blended together it signifying how your lives intertwine making you a solid family unit.

The finished vase/jar will be admired for years to come and has the capacity to evoke such happy and insightful memories.  


Even without any of the mentioned Special Elements, a Vow Renewal is a magical time where family and friends reminisce on memories and celebrate events in the years that have passed as well as marking the milestone of the day and celebrating everything that the future holds. It really is a day that is filled with sharing love, happiness and joy.

As with all Celebrant-led Ceremonies it truly is as case of

Your Ceremony.... Your Way!

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Wedding Certificate keepsake, printed on partchment paper and tied with a ribbon to match your theme.
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