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Wedding Show Ready(ish)! ...

Well tomorrow's yet another first for this 56 year old and I can't believe how nervous I am! I feel like my technical stuff is more or less ready which I'm so pleased about (and unashamedly proud of myself if I'm honest) but, my new roller advertising banner has 'been delayed due to adverse weather conditions'. I can't actually get me head around the fact that it left New York and arrived in Sheffield (some 13 miles away) in only 27 hours (22 taking into account the time difference) which is completely amazing... but, it's been sat in Sheffield for the last 36+ hours, and counting. It beggars belief, it really does. There's two ways to think about it and, I'm taking the 'glass half full' route and making sure everything else is top notch, not least so it helps calm my nerves a bit - eek! I'm really hoping it goes well and that there are lots of lovely couples coming to see what looks like being a great spectacle but, I'm guessing its going to be the fastest 3 hours in history.

Who knows, I'm just going to relax and enjoy this new experience so .... I'll see you on the other side x

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